On this episode of the Addicted Fishing Podcast, we have some fun topics to cover. We start off discussing the Columbia River Spring Chinook season and the attention to detail we've had to employ while chasing these fish. High water has forced anglers to adapt. Utilizing a few different techniques and moving around depth-wise, you can capatilize on high-water chinook better.

We welcome Roger Hinchcliff of Steelhead Manifesto to the podcast, as he discusses key differences and similarities between West Coast and Great Lakes steelhead. He goes into detail about the biological factors of steelhead, the sense of smell, the different metabolisms - all interesting information for steelhead anglers and enthusiasts. 

TJ Hester takes time to phone in and talk Walleye and Spring Chinook. It's go time for TJ and he's ready with the goods on what to do.

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