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Interview with Outdoor Personality Scott Haugen from Netflix Series The Hunt

January 22nd, 2018

In episode 10 in we had the pleasure of talking with Scott Haugen, one of the most respected hunters and anglers in the outdoor world. Scott joined us on the phone because of his busy schedule! We we're able to chat with him about some cool stories, how he got involved in the outdoor world and more! After Scott leaves us we were able to talk the winter steelhead season, chasing the big steelhead on the way to us, and how Cameron's guiding has been going. Also some updates on Addicted Alaska, the Portland Sportsman Show, and so much more! This episode features Cameron Black, Marlin LeFever, Joshua Handy, Jerry Shipe, & Ben Smith. 

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Women Anglers In The Fishing Industry ft. Kimber Roberts, Renee Johnson, and Bryanna Zimmerman

November 27th, 2017

Episode 8 is here! In this episode we have a great conversation with a few upcoming women anglers. Females in the sport of fishing isn't something new. Women have been fishing since the beginning of time but it has definitely become more of a male dominated sport. We talk about different subjects surrounding women anglers, barriers to the sport, getting started fishing and more! In this episode we have Josh Handy, Cameron Black, Marlin LeFever, Kimber Roberts, Renee Johnson, and Bryanna Zimmerman. 


Addicted Alaska, Upcoming Winter Steelhead Season, & More! | Episode 7

November 6th, 2017

This special episode features five anglers. Lonny Brooks, Cameron Black, Marlin LeFever, Josh Handy, and Jerry Shipe. The guys talk about their first expierence coho fishing the waters of SE Alaska. Story after story of the exciting time that was had and the film that is coming soon!! Other topics talked about are the upcoming fishing seasons, coho which were already in the middle of and winter steelhead which is fastly approaching. Enjoy and please subscribe!! 


Tiger Muskie, Columbia Sturgeon, Shad and Waiting for Alaska!

June 22nd, 2017

With a major downturn in Columbia Salmon & Steelhead opportunity, the Addicts have been taking advantage of the shad, muskie, keeper sturgeon fisheries and more. Cameron waits for his Alaska trip and the guys talk about all the fun they've been having trying to locate more fish.

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Theme Music from Fishing Addicts Podcast | Lucas Holmgren

June 21st, 2017

Theme music from Fishing Addicts Podcast produced, written and recorded by Fishing Addicts member Lucas Holmgren. Rock track with heavy riffs and powerful sound.

Guitars, organ, bass and drums performed by Lucas Holmgren. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Lucas Holmgren for use with the Fishing Addicts Podcast. Enjoy!


High Water Chinook Breakdown - Great Lakes vs. West Coast Steelhead Fishing | Finding Walleye

April 19th, 2017

On this episode of the Addicted Fishing Podcast, we have some fun topics to cover. We start off discussing the Columbia River Spring Chinook season and the attention to detail we've had to employ while chasing these fish. High water has forced anglers to adapt. Utilizing a few different techniques and moving around depth-wise, you can capatilize on high-water chinook better.

We welcome Roger Hinchcliff of Steelhead Manifesto to the podcast, as he discusses key differences and similarities between West Coast and Great Lakes steelhead. He goes into detail about the biological factors of steelhead, the sense of smell, the different metabolisms - all interesting information for steelhead anglers and enthusiasts. 

TJ Hester takes time to phone in and talk Walleye and Spring Chinook. It's go time for TJ and he's ready with the goods on what to do.

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Springer Tactics - Scents, Conditions and What to Deploy & When

March 9th, 2017

This episode of the Addicted Fishing Podcast features Cameron, Marlin, Forrest and Josh talking about Springer Tactics!

When to use flasher & herring, prawn spinners, divers and more. Scents and bait types are discussed as well as hardware you can deploy. Springer fishing is very technical and requires attention to detail. This podcast gives huge insight into variables you can play with to up your catch. Focuses on the Columbia River but applies to other fisheries for spring chinook. 

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Cameron Gives Away His Springer Secrets - We Talk PDX Sportsman’s Show 2017

February 7th, 2017

Listen as the Addicts spill the beans on Springer tactics and planning for the chinook run. Cameron Black, Marlin Lefever, Lucas Holmgren and the song-worthy Josh Handy discuss the 2017 Portland Sportsmans Show, talk about largemouth and smallmouth bass in the Columbia and east-side and west-side walleye.

Whether you want to hear about bait prep, water temps and how they affect springers or just listen to us rage on internet trolls, the Addicted Fishing Podcast will keep you entertained.

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Hot Fishing in Cold Weather | Walleye, Steelhead, Rafting and Wading

January 11th, 2017

The Addicted Fishing Podcast talking Walleye and Steelhead fishing in cold weather The endless possibilities of the Columbia River fisheries and rafting and wading essential knowledge.

Join us as we discuss how to get adventurous while staying safe. Key baits and fishing secrets are discussed amidst general fishing-related banter. In this episode : Marlin Lefever, Cameron Black, Lonny Brooks and Lucas Holmgren discuss.

Fishing Addicts Northwest hosts this Addicted Fishing Podcast - recorded by Nettleingham Audio mixed and produced by Lucas Holmgren Media.


Winter Fishing - What’s up with the Addicts? | Addicted Fishing Podcast Ep. 1 - Dec 2016

December 27th, 2016

The Addicted Fishing Podcast is here! In the pilot episode of our fishing podcast - we talk about winter fishing opportunities for steelhead, new gear we're introducing to the fishing community, and our plans for this podcast. 

Listen in on the best in fishing podcasts, featuring Marlin Lefever, Cameron Black, Lucas Holmgren and Jerry Shipe. Recorded by Kevin Nettleingham.

View our website for more information on Fishing Addicts NW! We are talking salmon and steelhead, largemouth and smallmouth bass, tuna fishing, trout and crappie, sturgeon, catfish, walleye...and the many species we can target in our amazing fisheries.